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LifeNest Sleeping System

Part Number 730
LifeNest Sleeping System
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The LifeNest™ mesh hammock cradles the baby, maintaining the recommended baby-on-back sleeping position for SIDS prevention, while allowing unrestricted movements. The breathable hammock allows the baby to breathe freely even if he/she turns accidentally on his/her tummy. The tight fitting mattress cover prevents mattress cover entrapment risk. A second hammock built into the mattress cover reinforces the one on the adjustable sheet. The free circulation of air through the LifeNest cover mesh fabric accelerates the evacuation the exhaled CO2 and supplies surrounding fresh air with O2. Provides your baby’s head with comfortable curved supportive netting. The contact surface increase redistributes pressure, helping to prevent the skull deformation (plagiocephaly). Keeps your baby dry and comfortable, on the dust mites’ free hypoallergenic netting. Measures pproximately 85 cm length x 70 cm width x 4 to 12 cm height.
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