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Luxe Twist™ Baby Blanket

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CHENILLE, BELLA, LUXE AND VELVET DELUXE (SIGNATURE FABRICS): 100% polymicrofiber Poly microfiber is a specific polyester thread that is very fine and has a sueded finish so it gives our products an especially soft, luxurious hand feel. We pay close attention to minute details when developing our fabrics so they have the softest finish possible! PRINTED SATINS (BORDERS AND/OR BACKS): 100% polyester satin Polyester is naturally hypoallergenic, so there should be very little concern among parents regarding allergies, unless the child has a known allergy to polyester. Polyester is used as a "downlike" fill in our pillows as well because it is considered hypoallergenic. We use the finest and softest polyester fill. SOLID SATINS (BORDERS AND/OR BACKS): 43% acetate 57% rayon TERRY AND DIAMOND QUILT (TOWELS, BURPIES): 100% cotton The terry has a special weave that makes it extraordinarily plush and soft. The diamond quilt is made from a very fine cotton that is washed multiple times to give it such a soft hand. FEATHER YARN (BOX OF SOCKS, LEGGIES): 86% nylon 12% polyester 2% spandex FEATHER YARN (BLANKETS): 100% polyester

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